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      • The Shoe Factory, Leicester: Metropolis Architecture
      • Woodhouse Mill, Todmorden: Ramsden Barrett Architects
      • GT70 Open In
      • GT70 Open Out
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      GT70 Slimline Renovation Window

      The GT70 Window is an elegant aluminium fenestration solution designed specifically to replicate the appearance of steel windows.

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      Product Features

      The Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Window is an elegant aluminium fenestration solution designed specifically to replicate the appearance of steel windows.
      Suitable for installation in new build or refurbishment projects, the GT70 window combines the optimum technical performance expected of today's aluminium windows, with the fine sightlines characteristic of original steel windows. 
      These slender sightlines are enhanced further by optional bevelled designed feature caps adding a unique sculptured effect to the external surface of the building.

      Please see our 'Window Applications' to assist with choosing the right product for the right application.

      Please see our 'Window Product Guide' to assist with choosing the right system for your project.

      Product Features
      • Fine sightline characteristics of steel windows
      • Suitable for composite and ribbon windows
      • Option for open out or open inwards
      • A range of structural and coupling mullions available
      • Special bevelled beads 
      • Concealed drainage system

      With the decisive advantage of...
      • Particularly suitable for refurbishment projects
      • Replication of steel with additional benefits associated with aluminium such as the high strength to weight ratio
      • Offers wide choice of aesthetics

      For Ventilation Characteristics of Different Window Designs Click here
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      Framing construction incorporates fill and debridge thermal break with resin.  All frames have mechanically jointed and adhesive bonded corners.  Installation can be by the direct fix method or by twist in fixing lugs.

      Inward opening windows are internally glazed and outward opening windows are externally glazed, with a maximum glass thickness of 54mm for fixed lights and vents (inside glazed) and 33mm (outside glazed).

      Weather Performance
      Air Infiltration Grade C at 600Pa
      Watertightness no leakage at 600Pa
      Resistance to Windload up to 2000Pa*
      *2000 special is dependant upon correct mullion and transom selection to suit span and spacing per project

      Project Assistance
      For advice and support and to ensure you find the best solution for your individual project needs, please contact our Architectural Services Team.

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