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      AA®100 50mm Curtain Wall System

      A stick-frame assembly with weather performance achieved by drainage and ventilation of the glazing rebates.

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      Product Features

      A stick-frame assembly with weather performance achieved by drainage and ventilation of the glazing rebates. Drainage and ventilation occurs at every mullion and transom connection in a zone drained system and at the base and above mullion joints in a mullion drained system.

      The system is available in a variety of mullion depths which combined with several thermal break options, including an enhanced thermal performance option, and aesthetic external capping allows a specifier the flexibility of design to make their own statement. The system has outstanding performance and its ease of installation makes it possible to suit individual project requirements.

      The AA®100 is suitable for vertical and sloped applications including faceted walls. 

      To provide complete design flexibility the AA®100 is also available as a Horizontally Capped system, a Vertically Capped system, a Structurally Silicone Glazed system and a Fire Resistant system.

      Please see the below to assist with choosing the right system for your project:
      Curtain Wall Design Considerations

      Zone or Mullion Drained?

      Design Considerations
      A comprehensive range of mullions and transoms allow façades to be designed with minimal structural support. The selection of mullion is dependent on several factors:

      • The span (the distance between the fixings to supporting structure)
      • The mullion centres (up to 3.0m using AA®100 curtain walling)*
      • Windload (up to 2400 Pa)
      • Maximum weight of infill (up to 600kg)
      • The deflection limitations of the glazing system
      • The drainage method required; i.e. zone or mullion

      Guidance on this element of the curtain wall design should be sought from the Kawneer Architectural Services Team.
      * For mullion centres greater than 3.0m contact the Technical Services Team at Runcorn.


      Product Features and Benefits

      • Concealed zone drainage  - each pane acts as an individual self-draining unit or mullion drainage - ventilation and drainage via the mullions
      • Glazing up to 50mm
      • Large choice of face caps to enable total design flexibility to suite your individual aesthetic requirements
      • Bespoke face caps available (subject to approval)
      • Fire resistant solution providing uniformity of the façade in accordance with Pr EN 1364-3, with up to 30 minutes integrity and insulation
      • Patented transom overlap detail which gives the uniform aesthetic finish
      • Market leading product tested and certified in accordance with CWCT Sequence B
      • Range of mullion, transom and face cap options with 50mm sightlines
      • Enhanced thermal performance to meet or exceed current Building Regulations
      • Incorporates AA®130 Brise Soleil System
      • Facilitates the integration of opening window products including a concealed vent option
      • HC/VC gasket system provided as an alternative to structural glazed solutions

      AA®100 HC/VC (Horizontal/Vertical Cap)
      The Horizontal/Vertical Cap provides the specifier the opportunity to highlight the horizontal or vertical features across the building envelope and gives the building its individual signature. The variety of distinctive face caps gives total flexibility in design. The system has been exclusively designed, developed and supplied by Kawneer, with installation contracts carried out by approved Dealers.

      For Curtain Wall Product Characteristics/Regulations Click here

      Project Assistance

      For advice and support and to ensure you find the best solution for your individual project needs, please contact our Architectural Services Team.

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