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      AA®3110HW Horizontal Sliding Window

      Developed in partnership with several Healthcare Trusts for the Mental Healthcare sector, the AA®3110HW Window has been designed to ensure that the needs of the user are paramount with easy to operate functions.

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      Product Features

      Kawneer has a long track record of successful project delivery in the Healthcare market, providing best value and best practice solutions.
      Working in partnership with several Healthcare Trusts across the UK, Kawneer has developed the AA®3110HW horizontal window with key features which makes this window suitable for use within the Mental Healthcare sector.  Our experience has highlighted the need to be flexible with the patients needs whilst ensuring that their safety and well being is paramount.
      The AA®3110HW is the product you can specify with confidence.

      Please see our 'Window Applications' to assist with choosing the right product for the right application.

      New Video Shows AA®3110HW's Role in Healthcare Applications

      Kawneer has just produced a new video called "The AA®3110HW Healthcare Window", outlining the role of its versatile AA®3110HW window in secure recovery units for mental health patients, explaining how it satisfies both environmental and security concerns in this and other critical NHS applications.
      The video also shows the product during manufacture and testing and also describes the installation training programme that Kawneer provides for its dealer network.

      Key Product Features
      • Perforated Glazing Gasket
      • No Glazing Bead
      • Specialist Hardware
      • Concealed window locking
      • Horizontal Sliding Window - does not open into the room
      • Fully tested for safety in use
      • Proven in use in even the most stringent conditions
      • Excellent weather performance
      • Perforated stainless steel mesh

      With the decisive advantage of...
      • Breaks into harmless pieces when an attempt is made to remove it from the window
      • Bead cannot be removed and used as a weapon or for self-harm
      • Aesthetically designed handle with no ligature risk
      • Locking at 125mm opening offering safety and security *
      • No ligature point is formed by the opening of the window
      • Giving you peace of mind in even the most stringent conditions.  The three security levels offered ensure that you have the flexibility to choose the right solution for each application
      • Robust solution to meet the needs of all applications
      • Offering you peace of mind and comfort for the end user
      • Allows ventilation, visibility and security.  Stops the flow of contraband in or out of the window
      * Locking at 100mm compliant with HTM 55 and BS 8213 is also available
      For Ventilation Characteristics of Different Window Designs Click here

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      Security Testing
      The AA®3110HW Window has been tested by Healthcare Trusts to simulate its performance in the most stringent conditions.  The test results, highlighted in our AA®3110HW Healthcare Window brochure, prove the suitability of the AA®3110HW for Healthcare projects.

      AA®3110HW Horizontal Sliding Healthcare Range
      Understanding the individual needs of each project, we have designed three window security levels, giving you a choice to meet your performance and budget needs.  Please see our 'Window Product Selector' to assist with choosing the right security level for your project.
      The Specifier must ensure that the Security Level chosen is suitable for the occupants for present and future use.
      Security Level 1
      • Double or single sliding windows
      • Closed or locked open at 125mm - suitable where nurse operation needs to be a consideration (can offer purge ventilation if required)
      • Permanently restricted at 125mm - can be patient operated (purge ventilation not an option for this application)
      • Secure clip in plates
      • Anti-ligature handles and hardware
      • Perforated wrap around glazing gasket for sash
      Security Level 2
      • Single sliding window
      • Permanent perforated stainless steel mesh on the outside of the window offers good visibility and ventilation
      • Suitable where contraband is an issue
      • No visible hardware - free opening for patient operation
      • Secure clip in plates
      • Anti-ligature handles
      • Perforated wrap around glazing gasket for sash
      Security Level 2 - An Openable Mesh Vent Option
      Developed in conjunction with one of our leading fabricators :-
      • An external openable side hung vent fitted with a mesh screen
      • Offers security whilst also providing ventilation
      • The sash can be unlocked and opened to allow external cleaning of the sliding sash
      • The internal sliding sash has the option to be locked closed, locked at 125mm venting position or locked fully open
      • An option to leave the sash unlocked for patient control where self-harm is not a concern
      • The openable sash features a 3-point locking system
      Security Level 3
      • Single sliding window
      • Anti-ligature handles and hardware
      • Perforated wrap around glazing gasket for sash
      • Hidden perforated stainless steel mesh (hidden on the other side of the wall) 
                - Perforated stainless steel mesh comes across the window on opening
                - No visible mesh - the occupant cannot see the mesh until the window is opened
                - Perforated stainless steel mesh will stop the exchange of contraband whilst maintaining security
      • Window can be opened fully - ideal for ventilation
      • The patient can have full control of the window  

      Weather Performance
      Independently tested at the Building Research Establishment up to the following performance *
      Air Permeability Class 3
      Watertightness Class 9A 600Pa
      Resistance to Windload Class B5
      * Performance is dependant on frame and panel combinations

      Security *
      Independently tested to ENV 1627 Class 2 by the SKG test institute in the Netherlands.
      * Does not refer to standard hardware, security hardware required

      The pursuit of naturally ventilated building solutions has become a vital component when considering the design of hospitals which is driven by a desire for a healthier environment.  The purpose of ventilation is to move stale air from within a building replacing it with fresh air from the outside.
      Kawneer's response to this requirement has been the development of key products within it's suite of windows including the AA®3110HW Horizontal Sliding window, AA®3610/AA®3610LS Vertical Sliding windows, AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window and the AA®542 Pivot window.

      Specialist Support for your Healthcare Project
      Demanding projects need special support and advice.  At Kawneer we have an Architectural Services Team who can give informed advice on your hospital project from ventilation to anti-ligature, to ensure you have the best solution for your individual project needs.

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