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      • AA®100 / AA®110 FR
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      AA®100 / AA®110 FR

      The AA®100/AA®110 FR is designed as a stick curtain wall assembly that is compliant with the latest European standards offering 30 minute insulation and integrity and is available in 50mm or 65mm face width depending on structural requirements.

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      Product Features

      Kawneer's complete range of Fire Resistant solutions enables design flexibility when fire protection is a requirement to building design.


      Kawneer's product solutions enable safe evacuation of building occupants by offering fire and smoke protection in escape routes.  They can also be used to prevent the spread of fire through the building and to adjacent buildings.


      The performance of this system is heavily dependent on the performance of the individual profiles, hardware items, specialist glazing and the interface between the system and the building structure.  All these factors have been carefully considered in the development of this product.


      The AA®100/AA®110 FR is designed as a stick curtain wall assembly that is compliant with the latest European standards offering 30 minute insulation and integrity.  Available in 50mm or 65mm face width depending on structural requirements.


      The system is available in a variety of mullion depths which when combined with external capping offer aesthetic options and provide flexibility of design, outstanding performance and ease of installation to suit individual project requirements.

      Product Features:

      • Dry jointed system
      • Concealed zone drainage
      • Fully capped pressure plate system with range of face cap options
      • Carriage system for improved installation of cooling materials
      • Suites with AA®720 FR
      • Tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 1634-1 and DIN EN 1634-3 at various locations
      • Similar UFrame values as the standard AA®100/AA®110 Curtain Wall Series
      • Aesthetics


      With the decisive advantage of…

      • Removes reliance upon onsite sealing and ensures excellent weather performance
      • Proven weathering performance in the most stringent conditions
      • Provides a choice of aesthetics when designing the building facade
      • Improved installation methods for quicker and easier fabrication
      • Total design flexibility. Offering total project solutions
      • Offering protection against both fire and smoke
      • Complies with all current thermal regulations
      • Profile depths and widths are the same as the standard AA®100/AA®110 Systems


      Kawneer's AA®100/AA®110 FR has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 1634-1 achieving El230 (insulation and integrity), and has met the requirements of DIN EN 1634-3 for smoke protection.  Testing has been carried out at various locations.


      It has also been tested to:

      Air Infiltration BS EN 12152 (600Pa)

      Watertightness BS EN 12154 (600Pa)

      Wind Resistance BS EN 13116 (2400Pa)


      The AA®100/AA®110 FR has been tested wtih specialist glazing.  All glazing options are available in the AA®100 and AA®110 FR Product Manuals.

      Project Assistance

      For advice and support and to ensure you find the best solution for your individual project needs, please contact our Architectural Services Team.

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