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      • AA®110 SSG Large Movement Joint
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      AA®110 Structurally Silicone Glazed (SSG)

      The AA®110 SSG system allows glazing of the curtain walling to be achieved without the use of conventional pressure plate and face caps. The system is finished with a flush silicone weatherproof seal. It has been further developed to accommodate up to +/- 5mm differential vertical movement between the façade and the supporting sub-structure.

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      Product Features


      The AA®110 SSG is a variant of our flagship AA®110 65mm curtain wall system, which allows glazing of the curtain walling to be achieved without the use of conventional pressure plate and face caps, giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance with flush glazing to the exterior.

      The grid construction replicates the AA®110 mullion drained system, so carries the same ease of installation. The flush external appearance is provided by specially manufactured insulated glazing units constructed with the use of structural silicone sealant and contain an integrated channel profile around the perimeter of the glazing cavity. Toggle clips positioned on the mullions and transoms locate into the channel profile to provide the mechanical retention to secure the pane to the curtain wall. The glazing unit is deadload supported by the transom using a combination of setting blocks and glass supports, additionally the final aesthetics of the façade is enhanced by use of a flush seal between the glass units by means of a UV resistant weatherproofing silicone sealant.

      In a further development to the AA®110 SSG system, we have recently introduced an enhanced movement joint, providing +/- 5mm of vertical movement. This will provide market leading movement capabilities whilst maintaining the flush Silicone glazed external appearance. Architects and specifiers can now benefit from increased design flexibility where typically modern construction methods would rule out the use of a typical SSG system*.


      Kawneer's best-in-class AA®110 Curtain Wall System has been redesigned with three new innovative enhancements. Accredited with the latest CWCT tests, a key enhancement is a market-leading SSG expansion joint of +/- 5mm capable of withstanding higher tolerances for building movement. Watch our AA®110 Animation Video for more details on all the new enhancements.

      Product Features and Benefits

      • Dry jointing method using specially designed EPDM moulding
      • Mullion drainage
      • Glazing from 26mm to 44mm* for increased design flexibility
      • Thermal performance can meet current Building Regulations
      • Tested and certified in accordance with CWCT Sequence B
      • Maximised structural capability and design with a range of mullions and transoms
      • Integration with both AA®100 and AA®110 curtain wall systems
      • Glazing retained using a toggle system
      • Silicone sealed glass to glass joint
      • New enhanced movement joint, allowing further design flexibility*

      * Contact our Technical Services Department for further information and support.

      Project Assistance

      For advice and support and to ensure you find the best solution for your individual project needs, please contact our Architectural Services Team.

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