Kawneer UK Ltd is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of architectural aluminium systems
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From its UK manufacturing base in Runcorn, Kawneer offers a comprehensive range of architectural aluminium building products and systems made from materials of the highest quality and designed with the benefit of a wealth of practical construction experience.


We are fully committed to a continuous and innovative programme of new product development. This ensures our products meet the most exacting engineering and technical standards, whilst overcoming ever more sophisticated design challenges. Kawneer’s global design expertise, combined with aluminium’s flexibility and recyclability, makes our building systems and products optimal solutions for today and the future.


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Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain Wall

Kawneer offers an extensive, fully-integrated range of standard and custom curtain wall products that offer flexibility of design, outstanding performance and ease of installation.

Unitised Curtain Wall System

Unitised Curtain Wall

Kawneer's Unitised Curtain Wall meets today's fast paced construction schedules offering high performance, fast installation, simplified fabrication, superior performance and design flexibility.

Window Systems


Kawneer offers a range of windows that are suitable for commercial and residential projects.  The window ranges are designed for insertion into punched openings, ribbon windows, coupled window wall designs or as inserts into curtain wall or framing systems.

Sliding Solutions

Kawneer's range of door and window sliding systems offer flexible solutions that can be applied to a number of market sectors with a focus towards residential, education and healthcare.

Oxford Business Park


Kawneer design, engineer and manufacture complete door systems suitable for a variety of applications.

Framing Systems


Kawneer offers framing systems that are flexible enough to meet a broad range of commercial applications, while maintaining compatibility with the curtain wall, door and window ranges.

Fire-Rated Systems

Fire Resistant

Kawneer offers a complete range of Fire Resistant solutions enabling design flexibility when fire protection is a requirement to building design.

Hempton Court, Bristol

Solar Shading

Kawneer's Solar Shading Systems consist of aluminium blades which are available as standard and bespoke variants to suit any project application where solar heat and glare is an important consideration.

Blast Enhance Curtain Wall

Blast Enhanced Curtain Wall

Kawneer's Blast Enhanced Curtain Wall System provides flexibility of design, outstanding performance and ease of installation to suite individual project requirements.

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