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Proton Beam Therapy Centre, Manchester: HKS Architects
AA®720 Standard Casement Window

The AA®720 Casement Window is available in a range of increasing levels of thermal performance as either top hung or side hung windows with the option of dual colour.

AA®720 SL Slimline Casement Window
AA®720 SL Slimline Casement Window

The AA®720 SL Slimline Casement Window is designed with narrow frame sightlines to achieve a modern aesthetic look, providing optimum weather and thermal performance. The Standard option is a cost effective and robust solution for the Education sector and the Double Flush option has a unique double flush external and internal aesthetic for the Home Improvement sector

AA®720 Horizontal Pivot Window
AA®720 Pivot Window

The AA®720 Pivot Window is available for both horizontal and vertical pivot applications as well as vertical offset pivot, which makes it the ideal choice where natural ventilation is required.

AA®720 Parallel Opening Window

The AA®720 Parallel Opening Window offers increased air flow around the full perimeter of the window, facilitating highly efficient natural ventilation while greatly reducing draughts.

AA®720 HI Relfex Tilturn Window
AA®720 Tilturn Window

The AA®720 Tilturn Window is designed to offer maximum weather and thermal performance at a competitive price range, meeting the most demanding specification performance on any project.

Mathematical Sciences Building, Warwick University, Coventry: Associated Architects
AA®541 Casement Window

The AA®541 Casement Window is designed to offer optimum weather and thermal performance at a competitive price. It is available as a top hung or side hung window with single or dual colour options.

Heron Hall Academy, London: ArchitecturePLB
GT70 Slimline Renovation Window

Suitable for installation in new build or refurbishment projects, the GT70 Window is an elegant aluminium fenestration solution designed specifically to replicate the appearance of steel windows.


LouvreShield is designed to suite with Kawneer’s AA®720 and AA®543 Open-In Windows. It offers a simple and aesthetic solution for providing both ventilation and fall protection and is ideally suited for domestic, residential (including student accommodation), retail and commercial applications.

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