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Permanodic® Finishes

Anodised Finishes
Kawneer anodised colours are obtained by giving the complete aluminium profiles a caustic etch, followed by anodic treatment, to produce a high density aluminium oxide coating. The aluminium oxide has a minimum coating thickness of 25 microns. The aluminium is immersed in specific electrolytes and subjected to stringent process controls, to produce a hard coating which forms an extremely durable protective surface which is fade free.

A well tried colour anodising process, proven in accelerated laboratory tests, extensive field trials and contract experience gives architects and specifiers product confidence. By interference colouring , produced by enlarging the anodic pores and depositing nickel metal in the base, a steel blue-grey colour is produced which is fade free.


  • Bronze/Black
    Anolok 541
    Anolok 543
    Anolok 545
    Anolok 547
    Anolok 549
    Anolok 54B
  • Gold
    Regency Gold 1
    Regency Gold 2
    Regency Gold 3
  • Blue/Grey 
    Anolok II = Stone Grey
    Anolok II = B711
    Anolok II = B713
    Anolok II = B715
    Anolok II = B717
  • UA Dye Colours - A range of 15 different Reds, Yellows and Blues.


  • BS 3987:
    Specification for anodic coatings
  • ISO 9001: 2015
    Quality Management System

Cleaning and Maintenance

Under normal environmental conditions the coatings have a life expectancy of up to 30 years, when cleaned and maintained in accordance with Kawneer's published instructions, available on request from the Technical Services Department at Runcorn.

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