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AA®3110HW Horizontal Sliding Window -
3 Window Security Levels

Working in partnership with several Healthcare Trusts across the UK, Kawneer has developed the AA®3110HW horizontal window with key features which makes this window suitable for use within the Mental Healthcare sector. Our experience has highlighted the need to be flexible with the patients needs whilst ensuring that their safety and well being is paramount.

Understanding the individual needs of each project, we have designed three window security levels, giving you a choice to meet your performance and budget needs.

The Specifier must ensure that the Security Level chosen is suitable for the occupants for present and future use.

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Window Product Selector
AA®3110HW Security Levels
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Locked open at 125mm    
Permanently restricted opening to 125mm    
Window can open fully
Anti-ligature handles
Perforated wrap around glazing gasket for sash
Anti-lift blocks (stops removal of sash)
Window does not project into the room
Double sliding    
Single sliding
Perforated stainless steel mesh covers the opening aperture vent
(visible at all times)
Perforated stainless steel mesh covers the opening aperture vent
(only visible from inside when window open)
Perforated stainless steel mesh hidden on the other side of the wall    
Secure clip in plates
Window sensors can be fitted (optional)
Tested at the BRE to 600Pa air and water penetration  
Tested at the BRE to 300Pa air and water penetration    
Integral blinds can be fitted with suitable glazing

For information relating to the Security Testing of the AA®3110HW Healthcare Window please refer to our Specialist Healthcare Brochure below or call 01928 502612 for a copy.

Kawneer AA®3110HW Healthcare Window Brochure
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