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Curtain Wall Performance and Glazing

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Kawneer curtain wall systems, installed and glazed to Kawneer recommended procedures, have been tested and certified in accordance with the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology Standard for Curtain Walling to Sequence B.

  • Air permeability: 600Pa
  • Watertightness (static and dynamic): 600Pa
  • Wind resistance (serviceability): 2400Pa
  • Wind resistance (safety): 3600Pa
  • EN Classifications: EN 12152, EN 12153, EN 12154, EN 12155, EN 12179,
    EN 13116, EN 14019

The AA®100 range accommodates infills from 4mm to 40mm
The AA®100SSG accommodates infills from 27mm to 37mm
The AA®100/110 CV Open Out accommodates glass from 28mm to 34mm

Test procedure sequence
1. Testing the air lost max.
0.56 0.67/ 0.03
2. Testing wind and watertightness 600Pa (Static) 2.0l/min/m² 3.4l/min/m²
3. Reaction under wind pressure +-2000Pa +-2400Pa
4. Deflection l/200 8mm l/200 15mm
5. Repeat the test air lost max.
0.56 0.57/ 0.2
6. Repeat watertightness
600Pa Static
2.0l/min/m² 3.4l/min/m²
7. 600Pa Dynamic Test not conducted 600Pa 15min
8. Safety test not conducted +-3600Pa

Kawneer recommends that all customers compare test reports of all equivalent products tested to European standards versus the CWCT criteria

Details of the Kawneer product tests are available from our Technical Services Department at Runcorn

C = Capped
SSG = Structurally Silicone Glazed
HC = Horizontally Capped
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