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Design Consideration Prompters

Below are key factors to consider when designing a project which, when tackled at an early stage, will aid a project to schedule. Click on the red boxes for more detailed information.

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As a reference tool, please see this information available as a PDF for download below.
Design Consideration Prompters [24KB]

a. Is the building to be ‘naturally ventilated’? If so what ventilation area is required?
b. Are trickle vents required?

a. Does the building need to be cleaned from inside or outside? If inside how will this be accomplished?

a. What is the layout of the supporting grid?
b. Are openers needed for ventilation or cleaning?

a. Do any windows open out onto pedestrian routes?
b. Can the windows be operated and maintained safely?
c. Are there any end users with special requirements e.g. security, safety, care or communal unit, operational limitations?

a. Are any of the entrances for disabled access?
b. What fittings are required? Are they appropriate?
c. Is the door clear opening wide enough?

a. Do we know what we are to fix to?
b. Can it support the load?
c. Are there any movements to take into consideration?

a. What is the test regime, e.g. BS EN, CWCT?
b. What is the size of test sample?
c. Does the building need a fire (BS 476-22) or security (BS 7950) test?

a. Do we know the windload?
b. Have you determined the windload?
c. Do we know all the parameters for calculation?

a. Are there any special glazing requirements?
b. Can the glazing thickness be accommodated in the system?
c. Is the infill 2-edge or 4-edge supported?
d. Will the system accommodate the weight of the infill?

a. What dB reduction outside-to-inside is required from the system?
b. Do we have to provide flanking noise reduction?
c. Is there a floor-to-floor reduction required?

a. Do we know what we are to fix to?
b. Are we expected to interface with a cladding system? If so have we already designed the interface detail?
c. Are EPDM air seals required?

a. Will there be external access?
b. How is the system to be installed on the building?
c. For curtain wall is it a stick or unitised approach?
d. Are there on-site programme and logistical limitations?

What is the overall U-value required?

a. Is it anodised or painted? Is it a standard or special colour?
b. Is it in a Marine, high humidity (swimming pool) or heavy industrial area?
c. Is a guarantee required?

a. Are we using mullion or zone drained?
b. If mullion drained, does the construction allow us to drain out at the cill?

a. Do we know the on-site programme?
b. Can this be met?