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Glossary of Terms

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190/350 Doors
Kawneer fabricated, double or single acting doors for heavy and severe traffic use

Aluminium extrusion with a gasket inserted retaining the glass or panel

Bottom rail
Bottom horizontal rail on a door leaf

Bottom rail weathering
Neoprene wiping seal fitted along the bottom rail

Butt hinges
Can be used with or without exposed closer (may be left as a free swing leaf)

Concealed centre pivots
Used on free swing doors. No closer mechanism

Double action swing door
Opens both ways

Dual moment corner
Fully welded corners (4 welds per corner on 190 and 350 doors). Resists racking of door leaf

Exposed closer
Door closing mechanism face applied to door and frame at head. Single action doors only

Floor Spring
Door closing mechanism set into the floor. For use on double or single action doors

Flush bolts
Normally fitted to edge of stile at the top and bottom to retain the 'slave' leaf

Finger guard
For use with doors with concealed closers. Stops fingers from being trapped between door leaf and frame

Typically made of neoprene or EPDM the gaskets fit into beads and compress against the glass

Head rail
Top horizontal rail on a door leaf

Meeting stile
Central vertical members of door leaves on a pair of doors, one stile normally fitted with a lock, the other with flush bolts

Divides the door leaf horizontally into smaller panel sizes

Offset pivots
For use with exposed closer or single acting floor spring

Overhead concealed closer
Door closing mechanism concealed in frame above door leaf (door transom). For use on double action doors or double action doors made single action with a locally applied stop

Single action swing door
Opens inward or outwards, not both

Outer vertical members of a door leaf

Threshold bar
Aluminium plate fitted to floor beneath door leaf

Tie rods
Bars that are fitted to stiles and run through head and bottom rails to provide strength and stop the leaf from racking

top anchor