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Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms [740KB]



451PT Framing System
Simple extruded aluminium glazing system suitable for ground floor application

Door jamb
Vertical framing member at the side of a door

Door transom
Framing bar directly over a door

End dam
Closes off ends of sill flashing for weathering purposes

Expansion mullion
Male and female two part mullion allowing horizontal movement

Vertical framing bar

Screw spline construction
Method of connecting two components using screws into specially extruded grooves

Shear block construction
Method of fabrication fixing shear blocks (brackets) to the mullion, then the transoms to the shear blocks

Shuffle glazing
Method of glazing by moving the glass one way and then the other into the glazing pockets

Cill flashing
Aluminium extrusion onto which the framing sits

Horizontal framing bar

Transom plate
Flat cover plate on underside of door transom enclosing concealed closer

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