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Glossary of Terms

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Controlled oxidisation of the aluminium with the introduction of cobalt if bronze or black colours are required

Bottom hung
Opens in at the head, hinged at the sill

Flat chevron inserted into the corners

Open out vent either top hung or side hung, fixed light or a combination

Aluminium angle inserted at mitred corners of windows

Large outer frame divided into smaller panels with muntins. Can incorporate combinations of vents/fixed lights

Coupling mullion
Vertical bar joining two outer frames together

Couping transom
Horizontal bar joining two outer frames together

Espagnolette bolt
Multi-point locking rod for top hung or side hung vents

Fill and debridge
Resin thermal break poured into an extrusion, then part of the extrusion is removed leaving the internal and external aluminium separated by the resin

Folding opener
Holds a top hung vent at the cill when hung on hinges

Friction stays
Mechanism which holds the vent in the open position

Horizontal & vertical sliders
Panels sliding within the outer frame

Horizontal pivot
Vent frame pivots about its horizontal central axis i.e. the bottom pushes out whilst the top comes into the building

"I" Value
One of the strength properties within an extrusion

Fixing straps securing the outer frame to the structure

A bar that divides outer frames into smaller panels. Can be used horizontally or vertically

Muntin clips
Bracket that fixes muntins to outer frame

Polyamide thermal break
Glass reinforced nylon separating two aluminium extrusions

Polyester powder
Applied to pre-treated aluminium in powder form and then fused to the aluminium in an oven. Over 130 standard colours available

Side hung either open-in or open-out
Outer fixed frame with additional opening frame either hung on hinges down each jamb - open in or out - or friction stays at head and cill - open out only

Thermal break
Separates internal and external aluminium improving the thermal performance

Vent frame tilts in at the head for ventilation or swings in for cleaning (side hung)

Toe and heel
Method of glazing side hung windows and doors by transferring the weight of glass back to the hinge side

Top hung
Outer fixed frame with additional opening frame either hung on hinges at the head of the window or friction stays down each jamb

Top swing
Opens as a top hung but special gear allows the vent to swing through 180 degrees for cleaning

Turn lock handle
Allows a tilturn window to tilt for ventilation but locks out the side hung mode for safety cleaning

Vertical pivot
Vent frame pivots about its vertical axis i.e. one side pushes out whilst the other comes into the building

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